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This comparative component to a book review requires knowledge of both these areas. As a student you will be expected to demonstrate that you have examined the book from several angles. The points you raise (both positive and negative) need to be supported with evidence just as for other forms of academic writing. Writing a book review Before. Following the book review format is highly useful for beginners, as well as reading step-by-step instructions. Writing tips is also useful for people who are new to this essay type. Book Review Examples. Referring to a book review example is highly useful to those who wish to get a clearer understanding of how to review a Essaypro, Oct 24,  · A book review is a type of review that provides a short description of a book and includes the author’s opinion about it. A book review can be formal or informal. Similar to other academic writing assignments, a scholarly book review should definitel /5.

How To Write A Good Book Review, with Samples

A review is a more demanding task that asks you to read a book, think about it and put together a written piece that will tell example of a book review essay whether they should read it, too. Yeah, the temptation is great: if you got bored to death but spent money on it and so decided to read it to the end anyway, you may well want others to do the same. Get redeemed, so to say. Or at least have a dark pleasure of gloating over others. But we believe that you are a good person and so you do plan to pen a review that will save time for some readers and will make other readers meet the book they example of a book review essay need.

Besides, a review is usually a marked college task, example of a book review essay, and so you have to do well on it to get example of a book review essay good grade for English or To accomplish it, you should not only know the theory but also have some solid patterns before your eyes. Read on, example of a book review essay, explore our book review examples and learn the ins and outs of this art.

So, what is a book review, anyway? Speaking in the language of movies, a book report is one large spoiler and retelling, and a review is a carefully made teaser. The review provides just enough initial information to make readers interested, and then it provides additional explanations of the book characteristics without getting into plot details. You may mention themes or universal topics, but not more. Otherwise, a reader will lose the thrill of discovering everything in person.

Before exploring what exactly goes into this written piece and what tricks you can use to make it interesting and captivating, let us get to a less thrilling topic of rules of essay writing. As any other academic essay, a review will contain an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Unlike in argumentative or descriptive essays, the body may not be that much structured into arguments and evidence as it will be a flow of your opinion. But no matter what you should have an introductory section, the main section and a summary that drives your message home — 'read it or skip it, my dear reader'.

As good examples of book review show, the intro should not be long, since the main argument will be developed in the body. Nevertheless, the intro includes valuable info that attributes the book and gives some insight into who the author is. Try to include the following points not as a list, but as full sentences :. After you mentioned this, you can arrive at a thesis — whether a book is good in its category, successful with readers, interesting, useful, or boring and disappointing.

Not it is time to transition to the main example of a book review essay of the paper. If a true book review example is not a plot summary or character analysis, what is one supposed to put in it? Lots of information, actually. Then you will continue to tell about relations of a character to the world in the book, and so develop a background.

It is not summary, since you uncover only the beginning and in very broad strokes. For example, the book protagonist, Jordan, hit a midlife crisis, quit his job and so is struggling to find a new meaning in life.

Or: a scholar provides a simple but careful account of the history of vehicles, connecting them to developments in science and cultural beliefs of humanity. You may point out some important moments and conditions, but vaguely, if you write for a blog, and in details, if you write for class. Like, the mentioned above Jordan is an experienced doctor, and his childhood dream was to work in India or Africa, where people need him, but he chose money and boring job in some affluent American clinic.

By introducing such details, you let readers guess what will happen and so invite them to read the book to see if they guessed it right.

At the same time, you fend off readers who do not like such kinds of stories, example of a book review essay, and so they will happily skip it. Then you will describe not the plot, but the characteristics of narration and of the whole book.

Mention if it is interesting in the first place. You may add that you personally prefer this or that kind of books, and so this very book pulled the strings of your soul or did not resonate at all. Then get into some details, like a book poses eternal questions and tries to provide some plausible answers.

Or the book deals with one of the universal topics like love or revenge, but the author managed to make it fresh and compelling. A book can be surprising, unpredictable, putting the readers off-guard or philosophical and coherent, easy to follow, and comprehend. It may allow looking into a different kind of life or reality or provide a refuge from daily worries. It may be amusing but serious in handling sensitive issues, or it may be straightforward, promoting clear views on good and bad.

As you describe the nature of the book, you will say something about characters — if they are believable, well developed, attractive, or flat, stereotyped, uninteresting. Or maybe just outwardly dull. Is it coherent? Is argumentation complete? Maybe the author is affiliated to some entity or idea that makes him or her push the agenda despite lack of evidence? If you evaluate a scholarly book in such a way of demonstrating critical thinkinga good mark is already in your pocket.

Mention the writing style — clear and simple or complex language with lots of literary devices. Use some citations, but carefully, not too much, especially if you write for a blog. Here you will recap all you have said in a sentence or two — you recommend the book because it is well written and interesting, amusing or true-to-life, example of a book review essay, or you do not recommend it because of so-and-so.

You may also mention what category of readers will like it and why. Or you can say what readers will benefit most from it if the book is academic. If you still cannot fathom how to put everything together and need some assistance, you can always rely on us in writing a book review template. Our writers at Cosmoessay will create a sample according to your clear-cut specifications so that is demonstrated how exactly YOUR paper should look like. Below you can have a glimpse at already created papers that overview different books.

They are diverse, but they can give you an understanding of how to begin or end the paper. Besides, you will see what level of expertise you can tap into when you order essays from us. We urge you to look at them and find a guide you need so much. We hope that we have organized everything properly and now you fully understand how to go about a book review task. If no, it is not a problem either.

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example of a book review essay


Oct 24,  · A book review is a type of review that provides a short description of a book and includes the author’s opinion about it. A book review can be formal or informal. Similar to other academic writing assignments, a scholarly book review should definitel /5. The book’s use of color and vivid stories helps to make the advancements come to life as something more than significant events on a timeline. While at times the stories may clutter the page, they also breathe life into what is considered by many to be a dull subject. The author’s enthusiasm for the topic is obvious throughout the book. Besides reading an entire book, book reviews require that the reviewer be knowledgeable in information that connects with the book as well. Read our book review samples to get a taste of what it takes to write one on your own.5/5.