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The Democratic candidates' debate in Houston Thursday night was easily the best person debate I've witnessed. Let's grade it, shall we? The Highwomen are revolutionizing country music Opinion by Tara Murtha. Opinion roundup: Who won the debate? Why Trump's rush to regulate vaping and not guns? Opinion by David Perry. Six Americans seem to have died from vaping. Maybe as many as people in the US now have lung-related illnesses from using e-cigarettes, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on the caselaunching a multi-state investigation of severe pulmonary disease among vapers, onion articles.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is proposing to ban onion articles e-cigarettes that he worries are enticing children. Since its premiere inHulu's celebrated adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel "The Handmaid's Tale" has inspired new protest aesthetics. Women have dressed onion articles as the "handmaids" who are onion articles to bear children for Christian, fascist men in a dystopian future.

Red cloaks and white bonnets have become signs of both totalitarian regimes and resistance, onion articles. These shrouded figures were at Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, but are most often seen protesting attacks on abortion access laws. Many people, including Atwood, have stated that the dystopian melodrama conjures up real-life conflicts and is more documentary than fiction. Trump's contempt for Congress is now stratospheric Opinion by Elliot Williams.

There's an old Scottish saying, "mony a mickle maks a muckle. All of life is based on the coordinated action of genetic parts genes and their controlling sequences found in the genomes the complete DNA sequence of organisms. The American patent system has, since our nation's founding, served as a cornerstone of innovation.

But the pharmaceutical industry's willingness to undermine this system is having real consequences for American patients. A President who threatens national security Opinion by Frida Ghitis. It's tempting to file away the news that the US urgently removed one of its most valuable spies from Russian President Vladimir Putin's office as just another astonishing development of the Donald Trump era.

But this one deserves closer attention. This was not just another covfefe moment, not one more instance of bizarre events that would trigger national shock in any other administration but now land on the growing pile of daily outrages. This is different, onion articles.

The history lesson Democrats can't afford to ignore Opinion by Thomas Balcerski. Once more, the upcoming Democratic debates will offer voters a chance to see the party's presidential hopefuls in onion articles. Divisions over ideology and identity have defined the race: the liberals debate the moderates over policy questions, the Northeasterners quibble with onion articles Midwesterners about attracting voters, and the young needle the old over who should lead, onion articles.

The one thing on which the Democratic field seems to agree is that their party fundamentally differs from the politics and policies of Donald Trump. The other existential threat onion articles must confront Opinion by Irwin Redlener. It now seems within the realm of possibility that over the next few years, the most important nuclear arms control treaties -- negotiated among the world's nuclear powers over nearly four decades of painstaking diplomacy -- will have expired or been eliminated.

This would open the floodgates to a 21st century arms race that could be far more chaotic and dangerous than what threatened the world following World War II. Vaping crisis didn't have to happen Opinion by David Michaels.

Public health detectives are desperately trying to find the cause of the hundreds of lung disease cases and at least six deaths that appear to be related to vaping. We don't yet know the cause or causes of the current outbreak; however, in response to a study that found lung-damaging chemicals in some Juul onion articles liquids, onion articles, a spokesman for that company didn't dispute the finding but claimed it was irrelevant, saying "The researchers' hypothetical exposure analysis failed to take into account real world conditions, including realistic human exposure to vapor products like Juul.

What I learned after my troll-defying tweet went viral Opinion by Melissa Blake. Holder Jr. At Thursday's debate, candidates should be advocating hard for the righteous Democratic agenda--on civil rights, climate change, equality, fair voting, health care nd more-- that is rooted in the party's history, writes the onion articles US attorney general--not joining in to perpetuate GOP lies.

That's the number of times presidential candidates have been asked during debates what policies they support to end the epidemic of sexual harassment in America. More Videos Hong Kong is having a leadership crisis. Former Israeli ambassador: Why we have to prepare for war and peace. Terrorizing civilians and bombing hospitals is a core part of Assad's strategy. Canada has replaced US as goal for some migrants.

Boris Johnson put the Queen in an absurdly awkward position. Onion articles ego stands in the way of saving the Amazon. Trump wants to welcome Russia back into G7, onion articles. John McCain must be rolling in his grave. Political Op-eds. Democrats, forget Mueller. Here's what could really impeach Trump. The US needs to act now against the next terrorist incubator.

Democrats need to go big or go home on impeachment. How Bolton got himself fired. The National Weather Service is standing strong against politics. It's surprising John Onion articles lasted this long. A Trump dynasty? Harder than it looks. Donald Trump craves Chrissy Teigen's approval. In one tweet, onion articles, Harris showed more onion articles than Trump ever has, onion articles.

Donald Trump isn't up to the job. The star of the annual Muslim convention was a Jewish man from Brooklyn. Stop treating mass shootings like hurricanes. Onion articles Warren and Kamala Harris face an extra obstacle, onion articles. Leaving John Bolton out of key Trump meetings is strange.

The elections are at risk of Russian interference. Why isn't the GOP taking action? The Biden 'gaffe machine' sparks worry for Democrats. Trump's fired assistant got a lucky break. David A. John Avlon. David Axelrod. Paul Begala. Ruth Ben-Ghiat, onion articles. Peter Bergen. Gloria Borger. Douglas Brinkley. Paul Callan. MIchael D'Antonio. Peggy Onion articles. Tom Fuentes. David Onion articles. Elie Honig. Roxanne Jones. Van Jones, onion articles. Juliette Kayyem.

Robert Klitzman, onion articles. Sally Kohn. Eric Liu. Errol Louis. Aaron David Miller, onion articles. John McWhorter. Ana Navarro. Dean Obeidallah. Raul A. Mel Robbins. Douglas Rushkoff. Gene Seymour. John D. Jeffrey Toobin.



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